Prank Call Application

 Hide incoming calls, protect incoming calls by password and fake background.

Protect your incoming calls using your own password & fake background.

Simple & Free

Nobody can answer/reject your incoming calls anymore.

Nobody is supposed to know who is calling you anymore.


How to use Hide Call Num:

- To enable App, click on Activate service.

- To disable App, click on De-Activate service.

- To Edit your password, click on Update my password to update it.

- To choose a fake background, click on Select Background.


Important Notes:

- If you use a fake background, then you have to press back button three times in order to show password box.

- If you click on reset button, then password will return to default 0000

- If you restart your mobile, then you will have to activate service again. 

- If you forget your password, then simply restart your mobile and open the app and update your password.


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