fake whatsapp number app ഫേക്ക് നമ്പറിൽ വാട്സ്ആപ്പ് ഉപയോഗിക്കാൻ ആഗ്രഹമുണ്ടോ..? അതിന് ഈ ആപ്പ് ഉപയോഗിച്ചാൽ മതി...

 fake whatsapp number app
ഫേക്ക് നമ്പറിൽ വാട്സ്ആപ്പ് ഉപയോഗിക്കാൻ ആഗ്രഹമുണ്ടോ..? അതിന് ഈ ആപ്പ് ഉപയോഗിച്ചാൽ മതി...

2ndLine – Second Phone Number is a free Android app that belongs to the category

More about 2ndLine – Second Phone Number

Its current version is 5.0.0 and it has been updated on 3/06/2017.the 2ndLine – Second Phone Number is available for users with the operating system Android 4.3 or later versions, and you can download it in English.Since the app has been added to our selection of software and apps in 2017, it has already reached 2 downloads, and last week it achieved 2 installations.The install size of 2ndLine – Second Phone Number depends on the device.

So next time when you need to talk to someone but prefer not to share your real phone numbers, remember you can get one in this second phone number app – 2nd Line. With just a few steps, you’ll be all set for unlimited phone calls and text messages.


With 2nd Line local phone number, you can perfectly separate your work from private life by adding a burner line for the later. So you will know how to answer if someone calls you through the work line, or when you call a customer you can also choose to call through the work line, then your personal phone number will stay private.


Get a second phone number from this 2nd Line app for Android, text and call unlimited with anyone, anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi or your cellular data for only $9.99 per month, or with other 2nd Line users totally for free.


Powered with its dedicated technology, 2nd Line makes phone calls, whether local or international, much cheaper than regular ones while maintaining high voice quality. Just a few steps to create your dedicated 2nd line. Charge a little, save you a bundle.


Have you ever been troubled by these situations? Have to give out your phone number but actually you didn’t want to? Harassed by promotions or ads but can’t stop all of them? Need to connect for temporary issues but don’t want to reveal personal number? If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone. Many of us, more or less, have been troubled by things like these. With 2nd Line, you can give out your second phone number to fix all of them. No personal phone number revealed, no trouble or annoyance caused. Once they are done, you can simply burn it anytime, or keep it as long as you want.


Powerful Features for ONLY $9.99/month:

– Unlimited free texts and calls: Call and text unlimited to US and Canada.

– Quality calls: Crystal clear voice quality to smoothen your call experience

– Custom voicemail: Record a custom voicemail greeting to prompt callers to leave a message

– Spam call blocking: Block any unwanted spam caller once forever

– Call forwarding: Directly forward your calls to any number you like in a few steps

– Call recording: Record any incoming & outgoing calls while keeping the voice quality


– Ad-free experience: Enjoy unlimited calls and texts without being disturbed by ads

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